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Crossing Oceans: Repulsion Expand to the US

We are excited to announce that Repulsion Ltd’s Rust servers are expanding to the US! Our goal is to provide players with a better connection and more opportunities to join the game, regardless of where they are located. With this expansion, we are working on slowly migrating all of our servers across to have a duplicated copy in the US, which will result in a better overall gaming experience for everyone.

As gamers ourselves, we understand how frustrating it can be to play on a server that has a poor connection, leading to lag and delayed responses. That’s why we are taking the time to ensure that our servers are duplicated in the US, giving players in this region a faster and more reliable connection to our Rust servers.

We understand that some players may be concerned about the potential for divided populations, as we slowly migrate our servers to the US. However, we are taking a careful approach to this process, so that we do not add too many servers at once and divide the population. We want to ensure that all players have access to full servers, and that the overall gaming experience remains fun and engaging.

With our servers now in the US, we are excited to welcome more players to our Rust community. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new player looking to get started, our servers offer a range of gameplay experiences and a friendly community that welcomes all.

At Repulsion Ltd, we are committed to providing the best possible gaming experience for our players. Our Rust servers are designed to be fun, engaging, and reliable, and we are confident that our expansion to the US will help us to achieve this goal even more effectively.

So, if you’re looking for a Rust server that offers a great connection, a welcoming community, and plenty of exciting gameplay opportunities, then look no further than Repulsion Ltd’s servers. Join us today and experience the best that Rust has to offer!

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